Palazzo dei Camerlenghi

La donna co la mona che brusa

Ai piedi del ponte di Rialto, sul lato del mercato, si erge il bellissimo palazzo dei Camerlenghi, oggi sede della Corte dei Conti (l’unico palazzo sul Canal Grande dal quale si vedano le acque del Canalazzo da ognuno dei suoi lati, che – curiosità nella curiosità, sono cinque invece dei consueti quattro). Eretto nel 1525 da Guglielmo Bergamasco, vi avevano sede i Consoli, i Sopraconsoli e i Camerlenghi, con altre Magistrature. …

Venice Carnival


The make-up artist were quite a few back in 1992 when it all started. A couple of guys from Venice Accademy and some freaks from the mainland decided almost accidentaly to give it a try. Today we are in hundreds. But the Carnival is different, it is not what it used to be: there's no more 'CarnevalAltro' ('the other Carnival'), the costumes are not weared by Venetians anymore and the make-up artist, together with all sorts of street art: have been banned from the main square, the Piazza San Marco. …

Acqua Alta Libreria


Acqua Alta Bookshop is an incredible place as well as an unusual experience. You can dig for days among comics, books, pamphlets and all sorts of rarities. What are you waiting for? A cat and a landlord will give you a very personal welcome (mine was: "If women were flowers, you would be a bouquet") and if you think you won't make it to see all they have - just ask for the bed & breakfast above and - enjoy your time.

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