Denis Razz Up Close & Personal Quartet ft. Stefano di Grigo

Serata con Denis Razz Up Close & Personal Quartet ft. Stefano di Grigoli mercoledì 21 marzo all'Osteria da Filo.

Eseguendo principalmente composizioni d'autore di Razumović e Majstorović, il complesso offre un'ampia veduta sulle strutture delle quali si sta attualmente occupando, indicano le direzioni sulle quali si sviluppano le loro linee melodiche. Quali veri e propri maestri dell'interazione aprono il proprio mondo musicale personale permettendo al pubblico una vicinanza intima... UP CLOSE & PERSONAL.

Denis Razz - alto sax

Zoran Majstorovic - chitarra

Stefano di Grigoli - tenor sax

Alvise Seggi - contrabasso

Igor Checchini - batteria

The quartet is a result of an intense musical cooperation between four very different musicians. The mix of their different musical backgrounds, the age difference and the different nationalities makes this quartet richer. The band created its own sonorities during various meetings and its main purpose is to present their own idea of creativity to a large audience. Right from this concept comes the name of the band “up close & personal”.
The quartet develops its own sound playing original tunes from Razz and Majstorovic bringing this musical wave also in the standard jazz, a demonstration of importance of tradition of this great music.
The genius and the flexibility of Seggi and Checchini makes the musical conversation between Masjtorovic and Razz more and more fluent going from punk sonorities to soft modern jazz sounds.
A special guest will play in this tour with the band, the saxophone player from Rome, Stefano di Grigoli.


Denis Razz

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