Cleo T.


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Cleo T. 

Valentin Almighty 

Eric Birdream

Roots Oliver

Pianoforte, ottoni, chitarre, contrabbasso e violoncello compongono un suono stratificato e onirico, punto d’incontro ideale tra le murder ballads di Nick Cave, la Mitteleuropa riletta da Tom Waits e le confessioni umbratili di Josephine Foster; il tutto impreziosito dalla presenza scenica e il notevole timbro vocale di Cleo, capace di saltare dal mesmerico alle urla sommesse senza perdere in intensità e qualità.

Dopo aver registrato nel 2011 il primo disco ufficale “Songs of gold and shadows” (distribuito in Inghilterra presso la corte di John Parish, produttore tra gli altri di PJ Harvey) l’artista francese Cleo T. ha intrapreso un lungo tour in giro per il mondo da San Francisco a Berlino e Londra. Venezia li ha ospitati per la prima volta il 18 marzo 2013 in Galleria A+A 

STAY TUNED che rivedrete il duo in Veniceland Tour 8-13 giugno!


Valentin Almighty - cello / banjo / loops
Cleo T. - keyboard / autoharp/ vocals


Gold & Shadow Cabaret

Opening the curtains on her chiaroscuro theater Cleo.T presents her first album « Songs of Gold & Shadow » (to be released in autumn 2013) produced and recorded in Bristol by the legendary John Parish.

Cleo’s songs blend symbolist harmonies and ancient Europe tones into dark romanticism and shimmering poetry .

A delightful decadence, a la Nouvelle Vague.

This first album is a Far Away journey (an invitation au voyage ). A cabaret of Modern Times chiming Berliner Lieds and teasing like the glamorous divas of a parisian golden age. A feminine songwriting, breathless, a walk with love and death, for a lace corset and high heels demoiselle.

On the road since 2010, Cleo T. has been singing across Europe. Piano, harp, cello and treasure trunks following, from Berlin to London and southbound to the tip of Italy.
Winner of the Paris young talent contest in 2012, she will be singing at the Paris Olympia hall on April 11th and for Solidays charity concert on June 28th.

Dark eyes, red lips and gold in her hair, Cleo. T has a band of astounding musicians playing mysterious sirens’ songs, à rebours, through the looking glass. 




The New EP cover (av. soon)

photography & art by Le Turk Photographies

Stylisme : Blackitten, styliste corsetière

Hair : Pierre Saint-Sever

Make up : Laetitia Quillery

Rocketta Booking / Paolo Mei

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