Denis Razz Up Close & Personal 4tet

Denis Razz - saxes and voice
Zoran Majstorovic -
Alvise Seggi - double bass
Igor Checchini - drums

Eseguendo principalmente composizioni d'autore di Razumović e Majstorović, il complesso offre un'ampia veduta sulle strutture delle quali si sta attualmente occupando, indicano le direzioni sulle quali si sviluppano le loro linee melodiche. Quali veri e propri maestri dell'interazione aprono il proprio mondo musicale personale permettendo al pubblico una vicinanza intima... UP CLOSE & PERSONAL.

The Magnificent FOUR

Igor-Alvise-Denis-Zoran | prima del concerto in Naranzaria (28 aprile 2013)

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The quartet is a result of an intense musical cooperation between four very different musicians. The mix of their different musical backgrounds, the age difference and the different nationalities makes this quartet richer. The band created its own sonorities during various meetings and its main purpose is to present their own idea of creativity to a large audience. Right from this concept comes the name of the band “up close & personal”.

The quartet develops its own sound playing original tunes from Razz and Majstorovic bringing this musical wave also in the standard jazz, a demonstration of importance of tradition of this great music.
The genius and the flexibility of Seggi and Checchini makes the musical conversation between Majstorovic and Razz more and more fluent going from punk sonorities to soft modern jazz sounds.

denis med



Self-taught musician, saxophonist, multiinstrumentalist, composer, originator of many different jazz

projects. He has been collaborating with many known jazz musicians from Croatia, and from around the world like Herb Geller, Boško Petrovic, Lasse Lindgren, Steve Wood, Roberto Magris, Joe Kaplowitz, Ratko Divjak, Enzo Carpentieri and with many international jazz musicians on jam sessions. He has performed in jazz festivals and venues in France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Spain, Croatia and Serbia.




Begins to play professionally at the age of 13 and during the years collaborates with

many musicians, taking part in different projects and orchestras. Currently finishing

studies at the jazz department of Conservatory “G.Tartini” in Trieste. Played

and/or recorded with musicians like James Thompson, Asaf Sirkis, Yaron Stavi, Marcina Arnold, Carlos Werneck, Lino Rocha, Oleg Kireyev, Andre Koy and many other jazz&world music musicians from his region (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy).

In various line-ups played in jazz clubs and festivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Netherlands. He has also published a book of transcriptions called “Abazar” featuring the music from the international world music group “Voices of Nature” album of the same name. Beside playing guitar he also playes the oud, baglama, pipa, mandolin, sitar, charango, ukulele, cindra…




He got the jazz bachelor at the Bologna conservatory and the jazz master at the Venice

conservatory. He composed various soundtracks for movies, documentaries and short films. He played in many festivals in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Hungary, Africa, etc. He played with many important musicians as Elliott Sharp, Farhan Sabbagh, Pietro Tonolo, Mark Stockhausen, Olivier Manoury, Steve Piccolo, Jeff Harshfield, Fabio Morgera, Francesco Bearzatti, Marco Tamburini, Matt Renzi, Tammy Tang, Tim Spark, Alan Farrington, Roberto Taufic, David Boato, Roberto Rossi, Sandro Gibellini, Simone Guiducci, Fausto Beccalossi, Paolo Birro, Massimo Manzi, Arrigo Cappelletti, Stefano Battaglia, Fabrizio Puglisi, Marco Castelli, Jimmy Weinstein, Mauro Beggio, Jeff Davis, Rabih Beain, Paul Randolph. Recorded with various labels as Splasc(h) records, Elefante Rosso, Morphin records, Res, Anelli records, Psycho Navigation, Lanquid, Alma music, Geophon, Planet Audio Guide. He has been the bass and double bass teacher in various private music schools of the Venetian region and also in the Venice conservatory.




He studied with Marco Volpe, Glauco Venier, Marcello Tonolo, Klaus Gesing, Michael Lauren and Roberto Dani, got the jazz bachelor with the best mark in 2009 at the Conservatory in Trieste. He had the chance and honour to play with David Boato, Nicola Fazzini, Riccardo Chiarion, Kyle Gregory, Renzo Arbore, Max Paiella, Jamie Davis, John Stowell and many others. With his musical projects – Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra, JPC 4TET feat J Kyle Gregory, Zoo Village, Andrejka Mozina Quintet he is involved not only as drummer but also as arranger and composer and regularly plays in festival like Veneto Jazz, Summer Jamboree, Ubi Jazz, Villacelimontana Jazz Festival and many others. He recorded three albums with Abbey Town Jazz Orchestra – Big Band Jump –; another with JPC 4TET feat J Kyle Gregory – Libra – and with Andrejka Mozina Quintet – Zarja – . He has a very busy teaching activity as drum teacher in many schools between Venice and Trieste. With Artemusica school of Trieste, he organizes workshop with some of the most well known musicians in the world as Marc Ribot and John Stowell. From 2009 he is the teacher, organizer, arranger and composer of a permanent percussionist and drummers workshop.

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