Follow Gondola: le nuove app Android e iOS

Officinepanottiche + nuovostudiofactory presentano le nuove app, Android ed iOS.

Follow Gondola, un viaggio nel passato e presente della più famosa imbarcazione tradizionale veneziana.

FollowGondola is a Mobile App which allows to identify on an interactive map of Venice the main places of interest as regards gondolas and discover some characteristics of the most famous boat in the world.

Features:-the boatyards (the squeri), where gondolas are built, and the artisan workshops where some elements that make up the gondola are produced: the forcola (rowlock), the bronze casting and the golden decorations, are indicated on the interactive map;-some videos allow you to see the Venetian artisans at work in their botteghe while they discuss the art of the squerarioli (boat builders), the remèr (rowlock craftsman), the battiloro (gold beater), and the fondidór (smelter);-the points (Ferries) which still work and where you can get on a gondola, even just to cross over to the other side of the Grand Canal, are also indicated;

Please, also visit the website where you can:-discover further contents regarding the historical relations that the Most Serene Republic of Venice and Albania maintained through trade and cultural exchange since the Middle Ages;-download for free the Mobile App VeneziaAlbania which allows to identify the main points of interest which bear witness to the trade and cultural relations between Venice and Albania; -download for free the publications Venezia e Albania: una storia di incontri e secolari legami (Venice and Albania: a story of centuries-old meetings and links) on the historical relations between the Republic of Venice and Albania, dating back to the Middle Ages, and Tra Colli Euganei e laguna veneta. Dal museo della navigazione al turismo sostenibile (Between the Euganean Hills and the Venetian Lagoon. From the Museum of Navigation to sustainable tourism), on the fluvial relations that occurred between the Veneto mainland and the lagoon, especially following the opening of the Canal of Battaglia Terme at the end of the 12th century.

FollowGondola and VeneziaAlbania are initiatives created by Regione del Veneto, financed by the project AdriaMuse funded by the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013.


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