Xe El Violin - Venetian Crafts(wo)men

Students have met in an international documentary film workshop for the second consecutive year. The premiere of the films' rough cut of Venetian Crafts(wo)men was, together with the protagonists, on November 30 at the University of Nova Gorica premises in Venice, at the ex Convento dei Servi di Maria, Sant’Elena.

Violinmaker: Riccardo Guaraldi

Made by: Polona Zupan, Bruna Del Bello, Vedrana Dragičević, Sara Salamon


The project is supported by the European Union in the form of a Lifelong Learning - Intensive Programmes grant.

Consortium partners:
- School of Arts University of Nova Gorica
- Academy of Applied Arts University of Rijeka
- Contemporary Arts Institute, Architecture and Media Institute, Graz Technical University
- Universita degli studi di Udine.

Partner: IAES - International Accademy of Environmental Sciences"


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