Venezia muore: The Silence of the Seagulls 4K

Venezia completamente vuota, priva di esseri umani, che non siamo nemmeno più in grado di immaginare.

VENEZIA MUORE perchè si svuota inesorabilmente ogni giorno e Il silenzio dei gabbiani la accompagna al suo inevitabile destino.

The silence of the seagulls un video in time-lapse di due sloveni: Aleš Gregorič e David Jeseničnik (produzione Carniolus).

Più di 6 mesi impiegati nella post produzione solo per eliminare ogni genere di presenza umana dalle foto catturate. Complessivamente un lavoro di quasi due anni per la creazione di questo incredibile time-lapse disponibile ad altissima risoluzione in 4k.

The Silence of the Seagulls 4K

Empty Venice? Have you ever thought about it? Probably not even in your dreams!

This is a story about our world. How are we living today?

Time for creation: two years.
All human presence was erased in post production.

VENICE, the world-famous seaside city of canals and bridges in the marshy Venetian lagoon, is annually visited by over 20 million tourists who are moving across its countless bridges like a colony of ants. 

A vibrant flow of bodies is a constantly repeated figure in the 24 hours’ life of the city, built on wooden piles. 

The aim of this unique short film has been to create a shocking visual effect of empty space in the city, as seen through a complete absence of the human factor.

Producers: Gregoric & Jesenicnik
Soundtrack: Old Europe by Patrick Smith/

Tehnical information:
Time lapse 4K resolution (4096x1716)
Format 21:9
Aspect ratio 2.40:1
Frame rate: 23,976 fr/sek
Bit rate: 85 MB/sec.

We are independent artists - photographers and film editors who are looking for a talented music composers that would share their works to our projects. Our projects are usually non-commercial short films for film festivals or TV shows.

Works from members of our group can be seen in various magazines, publications, fashion catalogues and different displays worldwide. We had independent displays in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, KUD France Preseren in Ljubljana, Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec, Photo gallery in Zagreb, City Hall in Dubrovnik, Pula, Brisbane, New York, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Paris etc.

We are proud that we have a Slovenian Photographer of the Year 2004.

Our works are increasingly present in short film festivals around the world and receiving quite positive reviews.

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